10-Minute Resistance Band Workout To Burn Fat

Want to burn some fat and tone those muscles all in one sitting? Drop your dumbbells for a minute ladies, because the resistance band is about to become your new favorite piece of equipment. The following circuit-style resistance band workout alternates simple cardio moves with toning resistance band exercises. Why the band? The resistance band is a light, portable, yet challenging workout tool that has long been a favorite of trainers and group fitness teachers alike.

Benefits of Resistance Band Training

  • All Levels are Welcome! The band’s intensity is based on its thickness. Want to work harder? Grab a thicker band. Beginner? Grab a thin one. Most brands offer 4-5 levels of thickness.
  • Change Matters: Dumbbells work, but after a while your body adapts to the same moves over and over. It’s good to switch it up. The band gives you options to move your joints in different ways.
  • Light and Portable: Throw them in your gym bag, carry them to a friend’s, or slide them into your suitcase when you travel. The band allows you to strength train any time and anywhere.
  • Affordable: Most bands will cost you $20 or less. Where can you get one? SPRI, Amazon, Target, Wal Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods…you get the picture. They’re everywhere.

Due to the ease of the band, you can literally do this workout anywhere: at home, at the gym, on your driveway or in a tiny hotel room. User-friendly is a understatement! So, let’s get to it.

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