How Long Should You Do The 72 Hour Fasts For?

This post is in reply to a blog reader who says… Hi James, I love your blog and channel. I’m just starting out with the 72-hour warrior protocol. Your videos state that if you are a hog beast, then you should do 72-hour fasts repeatedly until you see results.

My question is this:

On average, how long should you be performing 72-hour fasts until you notice some significant changes to your body? Does it take a few months? Six months? A year?

Thank you.

And that is exactly what we’ll answer in this video


Posted By James, Warrior Network

One thought on “How Long Should You Do The 72 Hour Fasts For?

  1. Hey james, I followed your warrior network regim and it worked like magic for me.
    i use to fast for 72 hr, refeed for 10 min of the home made food i love and again fast for 72 hr. I also used to swim for an hour 5 times a week, which got me down form 90kgs to 77kgs in just few months, of couse i used to have multiple cheat days in between and Thank you soo much for the help and knowledge you share.
    Love form India <3

    My question to u is i look a lot slimer in cloths now verymuch fit but still i can see my belly in the mirror with cloths off, soo i have last bit of skiny fatt, one way i see is to continue with the regim and see if it works for me to get to my desired weight which is arounf 65kgs or what according to you is what i can do please help me on this.

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