Is It Your Fault You Are Obese?

This video is in answer to a blog reader who asks: “Hi James, I’m Aidan and I’m morbidly obese. I find it hard to stick to any diet plan due to my lack of Willpower, but I also think that society has the deck stacked against us…

What Can You Add To The Electrolyte Solution So It Tastes Better?

This post is in answer to a YouTube viewer who asks: “I’ve finally got my Potassium Chloride and Himalayan Pink Salt in the mail for the electrolyte solution. I tried it out and the taste was very strong, so much so that I couldn’t handle it, so here is my question.

Can I add chili powder, cayenne pepper or turmeric to the electrolyte solution to enhance the taste? Do any of these 3 powders break a fast?”

Will Fasting Cure Sleep Apnea?

In this video we’ll answer the question from a YouTube viewer who asks: “Hello James, I’m Barry and I suffer from OSA, obstructive sleep apnea, and I have a hard time sleeping because…”