How Often & How Long Should You Exercise For Fat Loss?

When it comes to fat loss and exercise most people are doing it all wrong..

That is exactly why you see the same people month after month sweating it out in the gym doing hours and hours of cardio over the course of a few weeks and months and getting no fat loss results

In fact they are probably just wearing themselves out and actually DAMAGING their metabolism making it even harder to lose fat

If this is you then STOP…

Do not do any more exercise until you have watched my video below

In the video above I will tell you exactly how to exercise and how often and for how long to maximise your fat loss results

In fact by following the Warrior Network protocol that I describe its actually impossible for you not to lose fat like crazy

If you are going to exercise for fat loss then do not waste your time any longer

Follow my instructions exactly and get fast fat loss results

In brief these are the instructions:

1 – You will exercise every single day (daily walking & moderate intensity muscle resistance training 5 times a week), no excuses accepted
2 – Exercise with purpose
3 – Exercise in a fasted state (details in the video)
4 – Do not train your muscles to failure as it’s important not to tax your nervous system (details in the video)
5 – Rinse and repeat daily until you are ripped!

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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