How To Track Your Fat Loss Progress CORRECTLY Using Weight

Are you getting frustrated when you get onto the scales and see your weight not going down as fast as you would like?

Or even sometimes, no change or even going up!

If so then you are probably doing what most people are doing and using weight incorrectly to track your progress…

This leads to frustration & stress (which can slow your fat loss) and even to giving up!

Watch this video and learn how to CORRECTLY use weight to track your progress and end frustration once and for all

As you can see its a simple process to properly use weight to track progress

The simple instructions:

1) Weigh your self each time in a fasted state at the same time each day
2) Record the weight
3) At the end of the week you take the AVERAGE weight and use that as the weight you take notice of (add up all the weights and divide by seven)
4) Over the weeks and months you use the weekly averages to track your progress

As I explain in the video there are many variables that will affect your weight on a day to day basis and weight swings of several pounds are possible each day.

So follow these instructions, stop complaining and getting stressed about your weight and just focus on getting healthy & lean!

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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