What To Do If The Fat Is Just Not Coming Off!!

Are you trying to lose body fat through exercise or dieting and it’s just not coming off?

If so then this blog post is especially for you. I’m going to explain why this is happening and exactly how to fix it…

This will work if you are fat and want to be lean and also if you are already lean but want to get ripped!

Watch the video now for instructions on how to get the fat off quickly

Remember when you are following the instructions I give you in the video above to drink the electrolytes during your fasting time and remember to exercise everyday!

Remember calories do matter when you are lean and following the Warrior Network protocol of eating once per day in an hour eating window…

So make sure you are keeping a record of what is going in

If you are fat then it doesn’t matter about calories because you will be following the Warrior Network protocol of fasting for a minimum of 48 hours and having a small 10-15 minute re-feed so its not even possible for you to eat too much…

If you are fat then the food you need is on your fat disgusting gut! Give your body a chance to burn it all up

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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  1. I got this web site from my buddy, thanks you James for putting this content out, it really helps me and I’m sure is helping many others… I love Warrior Network!!

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