How to Build Muscle Anytime, Anywhere Without Weights or a Gym!!

If you find yourself without access to weights or a gym (or just can’t be arsed to get yourself to a gym) then here are some exercises you can do with just resistance bands…

Literally workout and build muscle at anytime, at anyplace!

There is no excuse not to workout

The bands I’m using are the lightest… yellow and red bands

For the maximum flexibility buy yourself a complete set which will cost around £35

I’ve been using resistance bands exclusively now for 3 and a half weeks…

So far I’ve not found any required exercise that I’ve not been able to replicate with the bands

It’s also useful if you have both a low, medium and high anchor point to simulate all the exercises, most kits will come with a door anchor so this can easily be achieved, alternatively find yourself a tree or drain pipe!

Watch out for more resistance band workout videos in the coming weeks (subscribe to the blog to be notified)

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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