How to Feel AMAZING When Fasting!!

In the last post I gave you IRON CLAD PROOF that fasting for longer than 24 hours is OK… but is it true that whilst fasting you might feel faint, weak or light headed?

Yes its possible… AND there is a way to fix that and make sure that you feel AMAZING when fasting…

This simple hack will ensure that you can continue to live a fulfilled life and enjoy all the incredibly powerful benefits of fasting plus you’ll be burning straight body fat like crazy!

Check out the video below now to learn how…

If you are feeling a little ‘off colour’ when fasting then there is usually going to be a couple of possible reasons:

1 – Your body is clearing out years of crap from your system.. Over the years lots of toxins can get stored in our body fat…

Kind of like the body sweeping the bad stuff under the carpet to keep it out of sight (and stop it causing us damage!)…

The cure for that is… GET OVER IT… Stop bitching and ride it out… Let the body do its thing and think of it as punishment for allowing yourself to get so fat!!

2 – You may be low on ELECTROLYTES… These are important for the transfer of electrical energy throughout the body and two of the most important are Sodium (salt) and Potassium

Both of those electrolytes we can get from food…

You are probably already getting enough salt (maybe too much) and potassium can be obtained from vegetables…

Big problem though…

Most people do not eat enough vegetables to meet the daily recommended potassium intake amount of 3,700 – 4,700 mg

(Big hint here… EAT MORE VEG! 7-10 cups should do it)

Sodium and potassium work in balance and if one is too high it can cause the body to dump the other so BALANCE is the order of the day here

In the video above I show you how to make up the perfect electrolyte solution that you can drink throughout the day to keep your electrolytes topped up…

This will enable you to easily fast for longer than 24 hours and feel great..

If you have a lot of body fat to lose then you know that I recommend 48-72 hour fasts between refeeds for the fastest fat loss and biggest health benefits…

Once you are ripped then you can move to a 23 hour fasting, 1 hour eating regime to MAINTAIN your newly refurbished, beautiful, sexy body

If you are using the electrolyte solution for the first time then start at the following mixture amounts:

* 2 litres of water (preferably filtered)
* Half a teaspoon of himalayan pink salt (or sea salt)
* Quarter of a teaspoon of potassium chloride powder
* Quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda
* Quarter of a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper (optional for a nice kick!)

Once you have tried that and are ok with it you can increase the strength if you wish (just like I do in the video)

As I mention in the video above… If you are following a 23/1 fasting protocol then the electrolyte solution is not normally needed as you will have plenty of electrolytes from your refeeds and you’ll feel amazing anyway

I sometimes will still drink some throughout the day though as I find the extra potassium makes me feel supercharged in the gym

So there you have it…

You have no excuse not to fast and get rid of your fat gut AND feel amazing at the same time

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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