How To Do Longer Fasts If You Are Lean

Sometimes you may want to fast for reasons other than losing body fat. An example of this might be for health reasons, cognitive benefits, anti ageing, immune system boosting and rebuilding, autophagy etc…

But what if you are already lean?

Is it still safe and optimal to fast for longer than the standard Warrior Network protocol of 23 hours for lean people?

Yes it is and here are two things that you can do to ensure that your fast goes smoothly and you remain optimal…

Watch the video for instructions

As you will note, fasting for longer periods is OK if you are lean (and recommended periodically for health benefits)

The instructions in brief are simple:

1 – Eat a little more in your refeeds a day or two before you plan to do your extended fast

2 – Lay low for the day you are fasting… this is recommended anyway because for the optimal healing effects of fasting rest will amplify the effects

Even if you do neither of the above and are lean you will STILL be easily ok up to 72 hours (and even beyond)… You’ll come out the other side feeling great and healthier and cleaner inside

Remember to drink the electrolytes whilst fasting as described here

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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