Is It OK To Drink Plain Water When Fasting For Fat Loss?

If anyone has told you to drink plain water whilst you are fasting OR told you to drink litres of water per day then STOP doing that immediately!

Doing this stupid, dangerous practice will possibly do you damage.. and will not help you remain optimal whilst fasting and burning off fat

You can even DIE from drinking too much water.. This blog post explains why

I am sick of morons telling people to drink litres and litres of plain water every day (whether you are fasting or not)

In this video I will explain exactly why, watch it now

DO NOT drink plain water when fasting for fat loss… As I explain in the video above it is moronic and dangerous and will leave you far less than optimal, especially for exercising which is an essential part of the Warrior Network protocol for getting strong & ripped

Also DO NOT drink litres and litres of water… It’s not necessary and can potentially cause you damage and discomfort!

Drink the electrolytes throughout your fasting for fat loss (and even if you are just fasting for health or spiritual reasons)… I tell you exactly how to mix it up here in this post… How To Feel Amazing When Fasting

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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