Why It’s Stupid & Dangerous To Wear A Face Mask (100 Facts You Must Know)

If you are one of the face nappy/mask wearers then you might think you are protecting your health..

Or are you just doing it because it makes you feel like you’re ‘doing the right thing’, or that you are somehow ‘protecting others’…

Either way you are seriously damaging your health and immune system whilst providing no protection from catching any viruses and heading for hypoxia… Here is the proof and 100 Facts you need to know about mask wearing (download PDF book here or watch the video here)

Watch the video to find out exactly why

Not only do you look like a complete idiot… you are also suffocating yourself and heading for hypoxia

Watch the video and do the research and stop being a moron and acquiescing… It’s because of morons like you that the new world agenda is able to be pushed forward at ‘warp speed’

Do the research… and pay special close attention to the subject of ‘Agenda 2021’ and ‘Agenda 2030’

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