Don’t Let The Scales Beat You Up When You Weigh Yourself!

Are you getting frustrated when you weigh yourself and see your weight sometimes going UP day to day even though you are dieting and doing the things you should be to lose weight?

If so then this post is for you!

It’s time to STOP your scales causing you frustration because there is a much better way to track your progress…

Watch the video below and I will explain exactly how

Important summary points to remember..

1) Your weight is going to change each day…

There are many variables, some examples are what you ate the day before, how much fluid you drank, how much salt did you have, how many carbs, is there more glycogen in your muscles causing increased water retention, did you poop today etc…

The list goes on

The bottom line is that your weight WILL change day to day and yes… it may even go UP even if you didn’t gain any fat.
2) A MUCH better way to track your weight is by using a WEEKLY AVERAGE…

I explain how to do this in the video above but in a nutshell…

Weigh yourself each day at the SAME time and in a fasted state (you’re following the Warrior Network fasting protocol right? If not then watch the webinar replay below)

Log your weight..

Then at the end of the week you add up all the weights and then divide by 7 to give you the weekly average and THIS is the weight you use to track your progress

After a few weeks you’ll be able to see a trend… Hopefully a downward one if you have fat to lose!
3) Stop obsessing about weight and look in the mirror, take pictures and take your measurement

The mirror will not lie to you but your mind might…

The camera will never lie but there is the whole thing of ‘advantageous angles, lighting etc’

Measurements will NEVER lie and you can’t escape the truth on this one… measure your fat gut! Record it each week..

Track that as well as your weekly average weight and you’ll have iron clad proof of how you are progressing

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