Is It OK to Fast For Longer Than 24 Hours?

If you are wondering if it’s ok to fast for longer than 24 hours then this blog post will give you a definite answer!

Fasting has many benefits besides fat burning… But is it going to harm you if you go beyond a full day of no eating… will you become weak and useless… or worse…

In today’s video I am actually over 39 hours fasted..

Check out what is happening to me..

OK so if you watch the video you’ll see what state I’m in after not eating for over 39 hours!

There are many benefits to fasting for longer than 24 hours (also known as prolonged fasting), some of these are..

Increased fat burning – Obviously the longer you can fast for the more fat you’ll burn. The primary reasons for this are that your body will have used up most of it’s glycogen stored in the liver after 24-48 hours, plus insulin levels will drop significantly allowing your body to actually tap into its on board energy system (fat)

Insulin Resistance Correction – Prolonged fasting will help this condition a lot because it’s forced ketosis… Your body is forced to switch to it’s fat fuel and no food is coming in to spike insulin which over time will help your insulin receptors reset and also give the pancreas a much needed rest.

Please note that if you have type 1 diabetes (your pancreas has stopped producing insulin completely) then you can still benefit from prolonged fasting and may need less insulin. Consult with a medical professional before adjusting the administration of your insulin.

Increased Autophagy & Growth Hormone – This is one of the really amazing benefits of prolonged fasting. Autophagy is the where your body is able to recycle damaged proteins and repair itself at a deep cellular level. This process is switched OFF by eating, most people are only letting autophagy happen whilst they sleep and suppressing it for the whole day with a high eating frequency habit.

The same with growth hormone… It increases significantly during fasting. The purpose of growth hormone is to preserve muscle mass and burn fat (makes sense right?).
The bottom line is that both of these processes contribute to becoming healthy, stronger, leaner and younger!

That’s just three of the benefits

You can also make sure that you feel amazing whilst fasting for longer than 24 hours by keeping your electrolytes topped up…

I explain how to do this in the video above… make sure you do this!

In a nutshell you mix himalayan pink salt or sea salt (half teaspoon), potassium chloride powder (quarter teaspoon) and baking soda (approx quarter tea spoon) with two litres of water and drink throughout the day.

Personally I use the above measurements with ONE litre of water… Start off with the above though to make sure you’re all ok with it.

In the next blog post I’ll do a more detailed video showing you exactly how to mix up the perfect combo.

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