How To Easily & Quickly Diagnose If You Have A Food Addiction (and how to fix it!!)

Most people have a FOOD ADDICTION and this is very bad for you

Not only will it affect how you look, but also your health (and your bank account!!)

If you have a food addiction then you are in danger.

You will continue to become fatter and fatter and unable to lose it plus your health will steadily deteriorate and you will most likely become reliant (and addicted) to drugs and medicines that cause further damage to your body

In this video I will explain how to diagnose if you are addicted to food and I’ll also tell you exactly how to fix it

Watch it now

By following the Warrior Network protocol you can cure your food addiction once and for all and quickly realise that you do not need all the food you are eating, you will also develop the discipline and habits required to live in a healthy, lean, strong body that is very effortless to maintain

If you are fat then obviously you are eating more than you need (the body is pretty logical when it comes to energy input and output)

Being fat is the most common indicator of a food addiction along with the other reasons I explain in the video above.

The cure is to complete a 24 hour fast and then go for another 24 hours (minimum if you are fat) whilst drinking electrolytes as I explain in this post How To Feel Amazing Whilst Fasting
You will then adopt the Warrior Network eating protocol that is relevant to your current fat levels

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