How To Lose Body Fat Quickly!!

In this blog post I am going to tell you exactly how to lose body fat QUICKLY!!

In fact you’ll be burning off body fat like crazy! This is especially useful (and easy) to follow if you are FAT

In fact the fatter you are… the easier this will be

Watch the video below for the exact instructions to burn off your excess body fat and get the job done quickly

Following the exact instructions I give you, body fat will melt off of you like crazy!!

1 – Fast for a minimum of 48 hours (72 hours preferred) drinking electrolytes as I explain in this post (How To Feel Amazing When Fasting)

2 – Have a small 15 minute refeed (meat and vegetables.. or some other protein source if you’re vegetarian or vegan). Keep the carbs LOW

3 – Exercise daily… follow the protocol that I explain in the video above and use muscle resistance exercise and walking

Repeat and do this consistently and for long enough you will become healthy, lean and sexy again!!

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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