How To Safely Break A Longer Fast (72 hours +)

If you are fasting for longer than 72 hours then one of the most important things to remember is to refeed SAFELY

Do not just chuck down a load of food thinking that your body is immediately going to be able to digest it all as it would do normally..

Instead you must use your head and be sensible when refeeding

I’m going to explain why and how I refed after my 8 day fast I’ve just completed

Watch the video for instructions

Remember that the longer you fast for the more your digestive system is going to rest and go into hibernation mode

DO NOT just chuck a load of food down when coming of your longer fast

Instead do what I tell you in the video and start gently with a small amount of fruit, veg, bone broth, soup etc… Then LISTEN to your body and it will tell you when it’s ready to accept more food

Full ramping up to normal digestion levels could take a few days, so remember that


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