The Warrior Network Freestyle Fasting Routine

Introducing the Warrior Network Freestyle Fasting routine for maximum health, fat loss, strength and body development!!

This is an advanced routine and only suitable if you are already lean

It’s perfect for boosting your health and amplifying the effects of fasting such as autophagy, fat burning, anti ageing, immune system strengthening, growth hormone increases plus general hormonal re-balancing…

Watch the video for instructions on how it works

This is a powerful routine and especially useful if you are looking to drop the final few pounds of fat to reveal a super shredded physique whilst continuing to build (and preserve) muscle and strength

The more you follow the Warrior Network protocols the more intuition you will develop and you’ll be able to listen to your body and know exactly when to eat, train, rest and fast

Watch the video above for the instructions and remember these important points:

1) Continue to train balls to the wall (except on longer fasts you may need to reduce intensity… play it by ear)

2) Pound back the salts as and when required (as detailed here)

3) Drink urine daily (the first offering is best… the more orange the better and richer in nutrients, antibodies, minerals etc..) Also fine to drink as and when desired. The healthier you get the sweeter and more delicious the taste… (do the research on urine therapy and stop being a bitch!)

4) Fast intuitively observing a MINIMUM fast of 23 hours, there is no maximum fasting period

5) Standard refeed eating windows are still 1 hour and extended to 2.5 hours if you need to refill with carbs/ muscle glycogen after a longer fast. For fasts longer than 72 hours observe refeeding guidelines as detailed here

6) Know that your body is EASILY able to go long periods without food and you’ll come out the other side leaner, stronger, more muscular and more powerful

7) Use the scales and mirror as your feedback and accountability partners

Rinse and repeat!

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