The Powerful Life Changing Benefits of Fasting

In this post you are going to learn some of the powerful benefits of fasting..

Fasting is actually easy and just to prove that you can do it I’m recording this particular video whilst I am on day 7 of a fast myself

I’m already lean and if I can easily make it this far into a fast then you can do the same… especially if you are fat

Watch the video now to learn the benefits of fasting

Here are the benefits of fasting in brief:

* Fat Loss
* Digestive system cleansing
* Repair the damage caused by a high eating frequency
* Autophagy effect
* Growth hormone massive increase
* Cognitive enhancement & clarity

The longer the fast the more benefits… Remember to drink the electrolyte solution (salt, potassium chloride and baking soda) during the fast.

If you are doing prolonged fasting (72+ hours) then there is no need to train balls to the wall, especially if you are already lean as this will not be optimal. Instead listen to your body… rest if you feel you need to and light walking is good

Quit your BS excuses and start fasting!!

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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