What to Do If You Are a Fat, Wobbly Woman to Get Slender & Sexy Again

If you’re a woman and you look in the mirror and see a fat, wobbly, cellulite ridden, saggy, horrible, unattractive, unsexy, disgusting body then this video is going to help you…

And if that offends you then I’m glad!

Because I want to offend you so that you get mad at me and do something about it and transform into a slender, sexy, attractive, youthful woman full of vitality,

just like you used to be

As you watch the video and enjoy the scenery of nature you can begin to imagine that very soon you will be a slender, hot, sexy woman again!


Here are the instructions mentioned in the video:

1 – Fast for 24 hours, if you get to 24 hours and you’re still alive (you will be) continue for another 24 hours, then if you’re still alive (which you will be) continue again for another 24 hours to make a total fast of 72 hours

2 – Complete a small refeed (eat for half an hour ONLY!!) As I said in the video at this stage I don’t really care what you eat (although protein and some veg is better)

3 – During the fast walk each day (as I say in the video start with 20 minutes each day and work up). Include also some light muscle resistance exercise (use resistance bands at home or go to a gym and use weights and machines… or do both!!)

4 – If fasting for longer than 24 hours see my blog post ‘How to Feel Amazing Whilst Fasting

5 – Repeat this exact process until you’ve lost all that ugly fat and are slender and sexy again!!

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2 thoughts on “What to Do If You Are a Fat, Wobbly Woman to Get Slender & Sexy Again

  1. Hmmm. Having NOT done this, I can’t “complain” about the suggestion.
    However, I do have to confess to being a cynic, and I want to know why you think this is the best advice?
    I don’t just have cellulite and stubborn fat, or feel disgusting in a body that has changed dramatically since a car accident back in March 2018 rendering me partially and I hope temporarily disabled in my right leg. The accident shocked my body in perimenopause which has spun me out, mentally. I don’t have any of the symptoms (sweats, moods etc) I just don’t get my cycle now. But I got sick because of it. Now – how are you qualified to give me any advice to lose any of this 17kg… I can’t exercise easily and I have stripped my diet right back and it is so clean and light, and healthy. But NOTHING has worked. How is fasting going to change it??? I genuinely would love to know.

    1. Clearly you haven’t watched the video.. Watch the video and follow the instructions exactly.. Don’t ask me any more questions until you’ve completed at least 3 24 hour fasts.

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