Why I Won’t Accept Excuses Why You Can’t Fast

If you have tried fasting before or even if you haven’t yet started fasting to get healthy, lean and ripped (or even just get a flat belly) then this video will explain why you have no excuse not to fast

Before you give any excuse as to why you can’t fast then watch this video first

This video will apply to most people unless you have had part/s of your digestive system removed or interfered with by surgical intervention… (if this does apply to you then you can still fast and you’ll need more than one eating window to make sure you get sufficient food in

As a disclaimer you can check with your doctor if you feel the need to, although they would probably rather you stay sick and dependant on medications and so will the drug companies)

Not much else to say really..

Other than whilst you are fasting make sure you are drinking electrolytes as explained in this video here (How to Feel Amazing When Fasting)

For 23 hour fasts this isn’t really even needed if your getting in decent food and the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) during your eating window… but do it anyway and you can’t fail to feel amazing whilst fasting and getting slender & sexy again effortlessly.

Please note that feeling, dizzy, tired, hungry, headaches, skin rashes and things like this are your body finally having the chance to clean itself out… LET IT GET ON WITH IT…

Don’t be a cry baby and just be grateful that the price you have to pay is small… Just a few days of adjustment. When you compare that to the years worth of abuse you’ve been subjecting your body too count yourself lucky!

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