How Fasting Will Help With Heartburn / Acid Reflux

If you are experiencing problems with heartburn (acid reflux) then fasting can help

This post will explain why you are having this issue and how by taking over the counter antacid tablets will actually make the problem worse and cause you other issues

Do not buy any more medications for heartburn until you have seen this..

Watch the video now

It’s simple…

Follow the instructions in the video above to get rid of heartburn

NOTE: Remember that when you are drinking the electrolyte solution with baking soda in it (as described here) it’s optimal to stop drinking it a couple of hours before you refeed as the baking soda can also act as a mild antacid.

During normal use it’s highly unlikely that it will hinder your healing of heart burn whilst fasting…

However if ever you think that is is weakening your stomach acid then the solution is simple… omit the baking soda from the solution!

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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