Is It Safe To Fast For Longer Than 72 Hours?

In this post I will show you if its ok to fast for longer than 72 hours

At Warrior Network we recommend for fat people to fast for 48-72 hours and then have a small refeed, there may be times however when you wish to fast for longer (especially if fasting for healing, immune system renewal and extreme super fast fat loss)

If you are concerned about the potential effects of fasting for longer than 72 hours then check this out..

Watch the video for the truth about longer fasts

At the time of recording the video above I am on day 5 of an open ended fast, I’m already lean and as you can see I am still very much alive

As I tell you to do I’ve been continuing light exercise and to drink the electrolyte solution as detailed in this post… How To Feel Amazing When Fasting

Posted By James, Warrior Network

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