What To Do If You Are Gaining Weight During The Lockdown

Are you concerned that you are getting fat during the lockdown?

If you are then fear not… The solution is easy

I’m going to be telling you exactly how to keep the fat off if you are already lean and also telling you why if you are fat then this is an ideal time for you to become lean and slender again (and how to do it)…

Watch the video for the instructions

There is no excuse to get fat if you are already lean… Just follow the Warrior Network protocol for lean people and skip refeeds as and when required… Use the mirror and scales as your accountability partners

If you are fat then follow the protocol for fat hog beasts that I describe in the video above

Either way make sure that you are drinking the electrolyte solution as described here (How To Feel Amazing When Fasting) plus ensure that you are exercising daily with muscle resistance exercise (resistance bands or body weight exercises) and walking daily
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